In order to help document and preserve languages which are critically endangered, RecordLing records a speaker saying specific prompts, which are then segmented and used to generate a grammar of the language based on user feedback.


Vidya Sujaya, Quinn Goddard, Qixia Luo, Elexandra Tran, Juliana Virani

Zaheer Abbas (DeepMind), Jessica Kaczmer (DeepMind), Chinmay Sheth (RBC)

Anjana Puliyanda

Team members

Team members: Alex Tran, Juliana Virani, Qixia Luo, Quinn Goddard, and Vidya Sujaya
Mentors: Chinmay Sheth, Jessica Kaczmer, and Zaheer Abbas
TAs: Anjana Thimmaiah Puliyanda